Thursday, October 7, 2010

Yassie Goldie & GJYD's "i want to soX yuO"

October 5 – November 5

Originally a storefront window, Frame 301 was the perfect space for GJYD to launch their most recent campaign, which includes commercials for yuO soX memorabilia that glow from within gold television sets and yuO soX merchandise available for purchase.

With an interest in shedding light on social injustice and promoting change rather than promoting themselves, it was clear that GJYD needed a figurehead. In 2008, this responsibility was given to Mr. Yassy Goldie. The group utilizes Goldie’s public persona for promotion and representation so the individual identities of the collaborative members may remain anonymous. I want to soX you, a campaign inspired by Boston’s beloved baseball team, is Goldie’s attempt at introducing himself to and connecting with the city of Boston.

By way of the internet, social media, guerilla performances and public installations, GJYD have exhibited their “death metal glam ghettotech” aesthetics throughout the regional and digital art communities. The group’s egalitarian street art style and process symbolize their dedication to targeting closed-mindedness, prejudice and hatred through truth, irony, humor and satire in the most public spheres.

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