Thursday, October 7, 2010

Raul Gonzalez: The Gangs all Here, Minus a few featuring El Frijol, El Negrito and the Angel

September 2 – October 4

A Founding member of Somerville art collective Miracle 5, Gonzalez work references histories through the aesthetic of antiquated cartooning. In his most recent work, stereotypical cartoon character archetypes are used to encourage a socio-historical critique.

“The Gangs all here, Minus a Few featuring El Frijol, El Negrito and the Angel” refers to the nicknames used as terms of “endearment” to those with darker or lighter skin tones in the Mexican culture. The characters are fictional and drawn using the same shapes but the colors with which they are painted changes their interpretation. The clouds and the colors distract you from seeing the shape in it's true form.

"Cartoon characters are like water in that they can take any form that we imagine for them as well as survive any treatment. They have been dehumanized and can therefore be tortured and humiliated without any lasting degree of guilt or consequence before disappearing from our memories altogether." - Raul Gonzalez

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