Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Space, Light and Sound Activate Frame 301 at Montserrat

BEVERLY, MA- Montserrat College of Art Galleries is pleased to present Joey Asal’s DUFAYEL (*DISCURSIVE) [PASS/GO], curated by Lydia Gordon. This  Frame 301 installation is a site-specific material arrangement that explores the platforms of human interaction through the use of physical and non-physical materials. The artist uses recycled objects, canvas, paint, aluminum, light, and sound to create a non-linear material narrative within the Frame 301 space. The relationship of the installation’s physical and non-physical materials represents contemporary trends of communication, activities that now encompasses both virtual and in-person interaction.

Tangible sculpture and painted objects coexist with light and sound in DUFAYEL (*DISCURSIVE) [PASS/GO]. The negative space between layers of paint and suspended sculpture cast shadows and ever-changing lines within the piece. Sound is made available to passersby through individual artist performances. DUFAYEL (*DISCURSIVE) [PASS/GO] performs through each placement of material, facilitating as an environment for viewers to contemplate the synthesis of both means of communication. By inviting the audience to step away from more traditional forms of art-making, Joey Asal highlights the influential practice of using non-objective image making in conceptual art.

Joey Asal earned his BA and BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking from Truman State University. (Kirskville, Missouri) After moving to Boston in 2006, Asal continued to develop non-objective image making and started working with sound in 2009. As the curator of Lillypad Artspace, (Cambrdige, MA) Joey is well immersed in the alternative art scene in Boston, including performing and action-based artist.

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