Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Autumn Patricia Ahn - "Hallow Halos"

Autumn Patricia Ahn's piece, Hallow Halos was the first exhibition of 2010 in Frame 301!

Ahn’s intricate work draws in the attention of viewers by reflecting on and incidentally playing a part in the experience of a shared visual landscape.

A multilayered piece in conception and construction, Hallow Halos transformed our storefront gallery into a temple of coiled figures and messages. This powerful, celebratory shrine commemorates the human response to our daily overstimulation of imagery. Ahn’s work uses narrative visual languages often found in religious iconography, offering her viewers signs, symbols and clues to create a unified statement.

Hallow Halos is constructed from layers of neon paint, string, masonite and vinyl. Utilizing every perspective available in this unique space, Ahn adhered vinyl to the outside of the glass to create a foreground, designed an altar of solid color and writhing characters on the wall itself and constructed elements that hang in the space between the glass and dry wall.

(Ahn is Somerville-based artist, current working as part of the collective artist studios at 9 Olive Square, Somerville, MA. Since acquiring her BFA in Painting at Boston University in 2008, Ahn has shown regularly throughout the Boston area. She is sought after for her ability to create large, enaging images, such as the commissioned murals she has recently completed with Underground Snowboards/Indoor Skate Ramp in Boston, MA and Firebeat Dancesport Studios in Allston, MA. She was also recently included in the Hey I Know That Guy exhibit at the Washington Street Art Center and Off-the-Wall Paper at Gallery 5 in Boston, MA.)

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