Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Margaret Realica - Elements

Sculptor Margaret Realica, known for her fusion of the mechanical and the nostalgic, had a showing at the Frame of her most recent work from the 2nd-29th of October. The eight most recent pieces contained elements of transparent photographs, metallic components,gears and electrical wires. Her use of warm nostalgic imagery juxtaposed, with the hard mechanics lets each piece stand on its own. They have a bold presence and a certain level of sophistication within each piece.

Realica's process entails the reconstruction of objects as a method of deconstructing concepts. “To see the interaction between the two,” Realica explains, “the affect of one upon the other [is to see] the images of one transforming within the other.” The transformation is evident and enticing to the eye. The colors are rich and soothing with subtle textual elements existing within the photographs. The mechanical components are non functional but still important to the body of the art work. Without those elements her work would be feel complete.

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