Monday, April 27, 2009

Angela Silver Makes her Mark in Beverly, MA

Concerned with the structure of speech and corporeal experience, Silver's performance and subsequent installation involved using an electronic typewriter ball as a tool to create a pattern of black, alphabetic imprints captured with carbon paper. "The black letters slip, collapse and collide," Silver explains, "as an examination into the elasticity of the English language void of any direct meaning, representing the internal organs, the sounds, sighs and utterances that form a language."

A timely and relevant piece considering our email and text-message-base
d communication, the Anastrope Series encourages viewers to consider the performance of language and the fluid use of text in private and public spheres. The overwhelming use of text-messaging creates more private conversations in public spaces, yet the performance of these exchanges has shifted from the "sounds, sighs and utterances" that Silver mentions, to the swift movement of thumbs.

The Anastrope Series at Frame 301 was installed with the help and creativity of Montserrat Freshmen, Thom Bush and Zach Goldstein. For more information please visit: Montserrat College of Art Galleries - Frame 301

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